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ClickThai Map of Thailand

You can use this map on your own website in two different versions.

  1. Single Pictures of a free selectable area like the following one are free for private and for commercial sites without any contract.
  2. The clickable version will be licensed only for commercial websites for an annual fee of US$ 240.



ClickThai Map



Free static pictures

You can create pictures like this with a free selectable center.



You can insert the following code on your website:

<a href="">
<img src="" width="500" height="300" border="0" alt="Copyright ClickThai Map"></a>

Delete MM and insert the size code "01" for 50% or "02" for 100% resolution. XX and YY are the coordinates for the center of the picture. Try the center coordinates for Bangkok = 2045. You can find other coordinates by watching the status line in your browser when you move your mouse over the clickable map. Move your cursor to the city or place that you want to have in the center of your picture, then note the last four digits of the parameter. Insert this 4 digits in the parameter string at XXYY - ready.



The use of pictures like this is free.

If you prefer to save the generated pictures as GIF files and to use these instead of the generator code, you can do it.

Not allowed is to remove the Frame and the copyright notice.

Not allowed is to combine more than one of this pictures to a larger picture.


    Thailand-Karte Copyright © 2001 by Theodor Pitsch ( Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Veröffentlichung oder andere kommerzielle Verwendung nur mit vorliegender schriftlicher Genehmigung. Anfragen bitte an

Thailand Map Copyright © 2001 by Theodor Pitsch ( All rights reserved. Free for personal use only. Publishing prohibited until confirmation in writing . Contact:






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